Dear Life: Could you imagine your life without your feet?

Dear Life: Could you imagine your life without your feet? What would it be like to not walk again? Would you feel stuck, literally? Did you know that when your chakras are blocked you are also stuck?

Chakras are vortexes of spinning energy, or portals in your energy field. If a chakra is blocked, energy can’t flow freely. This dis-ease of energetic flow can show up as a specific physical, emotional and mental issues, depending on the unbalanced chakra.

There are 7 chakras we mostly focus on. But there is actually a foot chakra as well considered to be the first level of the root chakra. The root chakra is all about balance, stability and your foundation. Imagine if the root chakra was a two story house. The 1st floor would be the foot chakra. To balance the foot chakra and root chakra ground yourself by placing your feet directly on the earth.

The next time you are walking around at work, around your house or to the mailbox…watch your feet. Repeat this affirmation as you walk. ***

I am successful, moving forward and creating the life of my dreams. I’m walking into my purpose. And if you like those profanity based adjectives and nouns say: I’m walking out of bulls#!t and into my motha’fuckin purpose. Be mindful with every step you take.