Astro-Therapy is a service utilizing medical astrology, sound therapy and the tropical astrological system to assist you in transforming your dear life.

All PDF reports will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours of purchase. Description of reports are below.

Astrology Health Report

PDF Email Report analyzing your personalized birth chart with emphasis on health, habits, stress to include a sound frequency and wellness guide.

Personalized Birth Chart

PDF detailed copy of your personalized birth chart with details analyzing your emotions, love language, communication style, strengths and weaknesses.

Moon Reports

PDF emailed report to include how the new moon and full moon will affect you personally for the current and upcoming month. 4 reports total.

Little Zodiacs

PDF detailed copy of your child’s birth chart analyzing their emotions, learning style, strengths and weaknesses. This report also includes tips for generational healing.

Career and Entrepreneur Report

PDF email report for career and/or entrepreneur success strategies according to your birth chart along with the best zodiac signs to network with.

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