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Dear Life Chat Sound Therapy Manual

This Sound Therapy Manual is a labor of love and it is the actual manual I teach from in my Certified Sound Therapy classes. You too can now access this manual to assist you along your journey of learning about sound therapy!

This eBook is available for download and includes chapters on the science behind sound, TEN CHAKRA SYSTEM, how to conduct a sound bath and so much more!


Chakra Smoothies Recipe eBook

Balancing your chakras improves mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. I created this recipe eBook as a tool you can use to transform your dear life. These recipes are simple, delicious and chakra inspired! It is my wish that on the days you’re feeling less than optimal, this eBook will serve as a guide to better nourishment and energetic renewal.

eBook includes 14 recipes, affirmations and journal prompts!


Chakras Food Guide eBook

Dear Life Chat’s Chakras Food Guide is an eBook designed to help you with unblocking your chakras utilizing foods, herbs, and spices. Our chakras can be overactive or underactive leading us to not feel our best and energetically drained.

I created this food guide to assist you the next time you’re grocery shopping. Each chapter features a description of each chakra as well as options of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices that assist with balancing each chakra.