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We provide Holistic Sound Therapy Services, Retreats, Celebrity Retreats and Luxury Self-Care.

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What is Holistic Sound Therapy?

 Holistic Sound Therapy or “sound bath” utilizes meditative instruments such as singing bowls to create an atmosphere of relaxation, harmony, peace and love. Your sound therapist Tay Lang plays crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and alchemy singing bowls during the sound bath therapy session. The reason it is called a sound “bath” is because the vibrational sound frequencies wash over your human energetic body. The human body is 75% water so the vibrations will calm the emotional waters within you.

Stress reduction is one of the most beneficial results of receiving a vibrational sound bath therapy session. Sound Bath Therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and when we heal our emotional bodies, the physical symptoms disappear. This session is good for anyone experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog, stress and so much more.

Full Body Sound Therapy

Tibetan singing bowls were designed to be played directly on the human body whereas crystal singing bowls are too fragile and delicate to do so. When booking a self-care sound bath party, retreat, corporate session or event all participants get the opportunity to stand inside my 24 inch large Tibetan singing bowl. Standing in the singing bowl targets all of the trigger points and meridian lines within the feet. Our feet are a map of our internal organs. While the participant is standing in the bowl they will experience vibration sensations first in their feet and a relaxing euphoric feeling that could last for hours. 


How does an event or self-care party flow?

Typically every group experience is a minimum of 2 hours.

15 minutes – brief education on sound therapy and what to expect

45 minute sound bath – each participant will be laying on a yoga mat enjoying the experience. Blanket is also recommended as body temperature drops during a sound bath. Yoga mat/blankets are not provided.

15 minute aftercare discussion – after the sound bath participants are encouraged to ask questions or share their experience. Journaling is also recommended post sound bath as the mind will be clear and full of clarity. 

20 minutes full body sound therapy – each participant will have the option to stand inside my large Tibetan bowl. Socks are required. No shoes are allowed inside the bowl. 

Remaining time is for final Q&A and my aftercare recommendations. 


Dear Life Chat currently offers a themed day retreat once a quarter. See the event page for upcoming retreats. You may also inquire about having me collaborate with your retreat. Send an email with date, time, location and number of participants. Price quote will be emailed back within 2 business days.

Self-Care Sound Bath Party

Clients can book a self-care sound bath party at their home or place of business. Self-Care Parties are for up to 10 participants. Requests for more than 10 participants is considered an event and rates increase. Fill out form booking form above.

Corporate Sound Bath Experience

Corporate clients also have the opportunity to book sound therapy experiences for their employees provided in the office.

Any travel events or sessions outside of Metro Atlanta is +$2000 in addition to the actual rate.

No refunds on any services or deposits only reschedules within 30 days.

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