Dear Life: Have you explored your shadow side?

Dear Life: Have you explored your shadow side? Are you afraid, ashamed or hiding from shadow work? Shadow work has literally saved and transformed my life.

Shadow Work is the process of exploring those darker aspects of yourself, but you must first acknowledge your shadow, and then embrace and befriend it. It is only by bringing these aspects to the surface that you can begin to live authentically, discover your inner wisdom and life purpose, and gain access to your Soul or Higher Self.

Shadow Work is not easy, but until you own your shadow, your shadow will own you. When you work with the shadow you begin to reclaim the projections you put onto others. You turn inward and begin to gently listen and heal those aspects within yourself instead.

Shadow Work Group Sound Therapy Sessions WITH crystal Reiki coming in 2020. These sound bath sessions will intentionally help pull out the shadow side and bring restoration and growth. Are you ready?

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