Dear Life: Do you know how powerful candles can be?

Dear Life: Do you know how powerful candles can be? Did you know that working with the element of fire is super powerful? I am a Cancer Sun and Leo Rising. I balance my use of both water and fire equally. One of my favorite acts of manifestation involves candle magick. For those of you that know me personally you know that I’m a preacher’s kid with a love of tarot and crystals. Before you damn me to hell, know that everything in the universe connects.Lighting a candle, writing your affirmation or scripture on a piece of paper and placing that piece of paper underneath the candle signals to God, the divine, your creator, your ancestors you trust the light and your inner light to manifest.Spiritually fire represents passion, zeal, creative energy and motivation. The element of fire has great power. Do not let this solar eclipse in Capricorn energy slip by you. Today through end of week write what you want to manifest, your petition, put it under a white candle and trust the divine to grant and fulfill your request. I personally will never share publicly my candle magick spell(ing) but I’d be more than happy to assist or make suggestions for you. Happy Solar Eclipse loves.
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