Dear Life: Can I tell you a secret?

Dear Life: Can I tell you a secret? My very first experience of hearing a singing bowl l was at this nude yoga retreat a few years ago called Nudtopia. Can I tell you something else…there was a woman who coordinated the whole thing. A magical goddess who I’m still so inspired by today. She was literally the first person to see me outside naked…afraid…and unashamed. I remember the day like yesterday…

I was tucked away in a corner afraid to come out and bare these saggy boobs and stretch marks. She made me so comfortable. Her name is ALLURIS @theealluringone . She held me in her womb and allowed me to evolve and birth the version of Dear Life Chat you see now.
She introduced me to @thedeyannadenyse who led us through a beautiful nude yoga experience. My event is inspired by Nudtopia. I can NEVER recreate Nudtopia but I can attempt to push others into a space of vulnerability, wholeness and introduce balancing of your chakras through a nude sound bath experience. I hope you can join me. The images you see are of The Alluring one. I hope you follow her journey and Michelle I hope you know I’m always your #1 fan.
Tickets on Eventbrite under Raw Chakras: Nude Vibrational Sound Bath. 💜

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